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Our website uses cookies to manage the well-functioning of the website, and to understand how it is being used so we can improve it and our services to you.

This document describes what information those cookies gather, how we use them, and why we make use of them. We also explain how you can restrict or block the cookies from being downloaded automatically. However, this might downgrade or even hinder certain elements of the website ́s functionality.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer or other device such as mobile phones or tablet devices by a website. Cookies allow a website to remember your preferences whilst visiting the site in order to provide you with a more personalised experience. They help us to make the website work efficiently and allow us to track how the site is used to provide useful data for making improvements to our website and services.


How does Ekomon website use cookies?

Our website uses cookies to provide enhanced functionality and to gather information about how the site is being used to help us continually improve the user experience.

Unless you have adjusted your browser settings to refuse cookies, our website will issue cookies as soon as you visit. If you have switched off cookies then some of the functionality of our site may not be available to you.


Cookies on our website

In our website we use several cookies, you can find a complete list in Annex I.


  • Own cookies: are cookies necessary for browsing and the proper functioning of the website. Its use allows basic functions of the website as access to pages of the website with restricted access. The legal basis that allows us to collect your data through these cookies is our legitimate interest in allowing you to correctly navigate on our website.
  • Third-party cookies: if you provide us with your consent, we will use the following third-party cookies:


 To remove cookies

If you want to delete your browser’s cookies, go to the Preferences menu of the Browser or Browser settings and find the Privacy section. As an example, you can follow the instructions below:


Annex I


CONSENT 20 years Google Maps cookie, is used for the operation of the Google map on the contact page.
MCPopupClosed Session Cookie to indicate that the newsletter popup has been closed.
PHPSESSID Session This cookie is native to PHP and allows the site to save serialized status data. In this website is used to establish user sessions by passing status data through a temporary cookie also known as session Cookie.
__smToken 1 year For the use of SumoMe, a tool that facilitates the dissemination of commercial communications, and allows the user to easily share content (articles and images) from the Website.
__smVID Session SumoMe Cookie stores user information and sessions to enhance the user experience.
Cookie_notice_accepted 1 year This cookie is used to store information on whether the user has accepted cookies.
pll_language 6 hours It belongs to the WordPress Polylang plugin and allows you to save the language in which the site will be displayed to the user.