What we do

For our planet, future and present!

Ekomon  is made up of a young team of people who are sensitive to the environment.

We have converted a former plastic manufacturing company. We are pioneers in the manufacture of reusable plastic cups.


Our experience in the manufacture of reusable cups allows us to be at the forefront of processes, machinery and technology.


In Ekomon we have a capacity of holding more than 500,000 cups in stock, allowing us to access large events.

The EKOglass is made of polypropylene homopolymer suitable for use in contact with food also have passed the tests required by immigration authorities in compliance with current regulations for plastics.

vasos ekomon
We have a wide variety of models ranging from the 40ml shot cup to the Katxi or Mini 900 MLS.
vasos ekomon
We have different translucent colors, with the possibility of being printed in screen printing or CMYK.
vasos ekomon
All our reusable glasses meet the highest quality requirements.